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Cloud Backup – How to Set Up DigitalOcean Spaces for Cloud Backup

Tresorit is a strong cloud storage service that works well and has excellent security. However, Mac users who prefer a more traditional file system may be put off by creating and managing “tresors”. Cloud Backup. is a way to safely store copies of your computer files so you don’t lose them if your computer gets lost, damaged or hit with ransomware. With Cloud Backup, you store copies of your files securely with a trusted provider like Norton on their remote servers, referred to as “the cloud.”. Tresorit offers 3GB free, has built-in end-to-end encryption, and it”s easy to use. Cloud Backup for Mac Back up Mac to the cloud storage of your choice CloudBerry Backup for macOS supports Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other cloud storage providers. It’s available in Freeware and Pro versions. Backblaze Review. Unlimited storage. No file size limits. Relatively inexpensive.

Cloud Backup

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DigitalOcean Spaces provides a low-cost, scalable cloud storage location for secure off-site data protection. Retrospect 12.6 for Windows and Retrospect 14.6 for Mac are certified for DigitalOcean Spaces. Follow these step-by-step instructions for configuring Retrospect to integrate with Spaces.

Account Setup

After you sign up for a free DigitalOcean account, follow DigitalOcean’s step-by-step guide for creating a space and their knowledgebase article for getting your access key and secret key.


Information for Retrospect

Cloud Backup Storage For Mac

Retrospect needs three pieces of information to access DigitalOcean Spaces:

  • Path for New

  • Path for

  • Path for

  • Access Key – Use the Access Key from above.

  • Secret Key – Use the Secret Key from above.

Adding Cloud Storage in Retrospect

Adding cloud storage as a destination is simple. Retrospect has a new set type called “Cloud”. Create a new backup set/media set and select “Cloud” as the type.

Next you’ll need to enter your cloud storage credentials.

Using Cloud Storage in Retrospect

Using cloud storage is simple. After you have created a cloud set, create a new script or add it to an existing one, and click “Run”. The backup will begin with the contents of the set being uploaded to your cloud storage location. You can track the progress in the execution/activity.

Throttling Cloud Backups in Retrospect

Throttling for cloud backup and cloud restore is available in Preferences.

General Tips

Below are a number of tips for using cloud storage in Retrospect:

  • Bandwidth Measurement Tool – Measure your upload and download bandwidth with this free tool:

  • Disable Backup Verification – Verification will download all of the data that you upload. See more details about why you should disable it for cloud backups in Cloud Backup – Best Practices for Data Protection with Cloud Storage.

Last Update: May 17, 2018

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​Security and Encryption

iDrive has a 256-bit encryption both on the local side and server side. Users can activate private encryption, and the encryption key isn’t shared on iDrive servers. But this also means that if you forget your encryption key, you won’t be able to access your data.

File Versioning​

iDrive can save over 30 different versions of the same file, and the best part is that those different versions aren’t counted against the main storage space.

File Sharing​

File sharing is available through email, direct links, and social media. While images stored in iDrive can be viewed, documents have to be downloaded first. When a file is shared with other users, you can choose to give view-only access, or let the other users download files.

Ease of Use

All the uploaded files can be accessed through the dashboard present on iDrive’s website. The dashboard is also the place you can view logs, account settings, and the number of files currently being shared.

Cloud Backup Storage For Macbook

How to back up my mac

Cloud Backup Storage For Mac

With features like syncing, sharing, and incremental backups, iDrive is clearly one of the top online backup solutions for Mac users.