Encryption For Mac And Pc

Turn on and set up FileVault

FileVault 2 is available in OS X Lion or later. When FileVault is turned on, your Mac always requires that you log in with your account password.

  1. Choose Apple menu () > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy.
  2. Click the FileVault tab.
  3. Click , then enter an administrator name and password.
  4. Click Turn On FileVault.
  1. Concealer is designed specifically for Mac computers, and while it takes longer to encrypt files than other programs do, it compresses them as it encrypts to free up storage space on your computer. This Mac encryption software performed well in our ease of use tests, and we were impressed with the number of file formats it can encrypt.
  2. Here are the two easiest ways how to encrypt on Mac. What is Data Encryption. Before we get into the Mac encryption methods, let’s first discuss what encryption is. Encryption is a process wherein your computer takes the stored information and jumbles it up, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Once the data is encrypted, the only way to read that.
  3. SimpleumSafe Mac File Encryption Feature keys. Make as a lot of Safes as you desire. Remark records and folders. Safety complete in Germany Stock up your safes nearby, on USB device, and in the cloud All folder data and Meta data are encrypted. System Requirement? Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista. Random Access Memory: 4 GB.

Why Need to Encrypt Mac Files? All vital files stored inside a computer including Mac need to be. MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility Free VIEW →. Generate and verify MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashes of a file.

If other users have accounts on your Mac, you might see a message that each user must type in their password before they will be able to unlock the disk. For each user, click the Enable User button and enter the user”s password. User accounts that you add after turning on FileVault are automatically enabled.

Choose how you want to be able to unlock your disk and reset your password, in case you ever forget your password:

  • If you”re using OS X Yosemite or later, you can choose to use your iCloud account to unlock your disk and reset your password.*
  • If you”re using OS X Mavericks, you can choose to store a FileVault recovery key with Apple by providing the questions and answers to three security questions. Choose answers that you”re sure to remember.*
  • If you don”t want to use iCloud FileVault recovery, you can create a local recovery key. Keep the letters and numbers of the key somewhere safe—other than on your encrypted startup disk.

If you lose both your account password and your FileVault recovery key, you won”t be able to log in to your Mac or access the data on your startup disk.

Encryption occurs in the background as you use your Mac, and only while your Mac is awake and plugged in to AC power. You can check progress in the FileVault section of Security & Privacy preferences. Any new files that you create are automatically encrypted as they are saved to your startup disk.

When FileVault setup is complete and you restart your Mac, you will use your account password to unlock your disk and allow your Mac to finish starting up. FileVault requires that you log in every time your Mac starts up, and no account is permitted to log in automatically.

Reset your password or change your FileVault recovery key

If you forget your account password or it doesn”t work, you might be able to reset your password.

If you want to change the recovery key used to encrypt your startup disk, turn off FileVault in Security & Privacy preferences. You can then turn it on again to generate a new key and disable all older keys.

Turn off FileVault


If you no longer want to encrypt your startup disk, you can turn off FileVault:

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy.
  2. Click the FileVault tab.
  3. Click , then enter an administrator name and password.
  4. Click Turn Off FileVault.

Decryption occurs in the background as you use your Mac, and only while your Mac is awake and plugged in to AC power. You can check progress in the FileVault section of Security & Privacy preferences.

Learn more

  • Learn how to create and deploy a FileVault recovery key for Mac computers in your company, school, or other institution.
  • If you”re using FileVault in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you can upgrade to FileVault 2 by upgrading to OS X Lion or later. After upgrading OS X, open FileVault preferences and follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade FileVault.
  • RAID partitions or non-standard Boot Camp partitions on the startup drive might prevent OS X from installing a local Recovery System. Without a Recovery System, FileVault won”t encrypt your startup drive. Learn more.

* If you store your recovery key with Apple or your iCloud account, there”s no guarantee that Apple will be able to give you the key if you lose or forget it. Not all languages and regions are serviced by AppleCare or iCloud, and not all AppleCare-serviced regions offer support in every language. If you set up your Mac for a language that AppleCare doesn”t support, then turn on FileVault and store your key with Apple (OS X Mavericks only), your security questions and answers could be in a language that AppleCare doesn”t support.

The rate of cybercrimes such as identity thefts has increased a lot in the past couple of years. Hackers have become quite proficient at what they do and are coming up with malware that’s pretty easy to sneak into target computers and mobile phones. Once their tools are in, they gain unsolicited access to target’s personal files such as pictures, videos, sensitive data such as credit card information and bank details, and so much more. We rarely bother to acknowledge this risk while filling up our digital devices with data of all sort.

Thumb Drive Encryption For Mac And Pc

Fortunately, many people and even organizations have realized this looming threat and have deployed encryption software to keep their data safe. However, there are still people and companies that are either not aware of the problem, or they simply don’t know how encryption tools protect against snoops and which one they should opt for.

To spread awareness and offer guidance, we have outlined some basic information about them and have detailed the best encryption tools for all major platforms.

What Exactly is an Encryption Software?

Encryption software turns every bit of information into an unintelligible code, which cannot be read unless it’s decrypted. Encryption software comes equipped with algorithms that transform accessible data into encoded information, hence keeping it safe from the prying eyes. Even if malware sneaks in and gets its hand on your personal data, it will not be able to take anything because all the information would be hidden.

Organizations all over the globe are utilizing services of multiple encryption software in this regard, but as a newcomer, it can be a bit difficult to find the right tool. Every operating system works differently, so there’s different encryption software for them, and finding the right one can be quite a hassle.

No need to worry though because we have outlined the best solutions available on each platform so you can your hands on them with ease.

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Best Encryption Software for Windows

Let’s quickly go through some of the best encryption tools for Microsoft’s flagship for PCs.


If you want security on your Windows PC, then you should opt for BitLocker. It uses Advanced Encryption Standard “AES” as a security measure which is widely tested by the experts and is regarded as one of the best tools for optimization and security. BitLocker doesn’t half-ass things – it encrypts all of your hard drive in one go. This means that all of the data presented on your hard drive would be encrypted and safe from the prying eyes.


However, if you don’t like the looks of BitLocker, there’s no need to worry because you can go for InterCrypto. It is a bit expensive solution but it comes with 17 encryption algorithms, which more than guarantees safety of your data and personal information. If you can afford this tool, then we would highly suggest going for it because it will really keep a lid on your data.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is known worldwide because of its safety measures. There’s a reason for its success. It encrypts your data and hides it in the storage where it can only be accessed by the people who know the password. Every file that you put through this tool will get encrypted and will be kept safe from the prying eyes of government agencies and hackers.

Best Encryption Software for Mac

Now let’s take the direction of our discussion towards Mac, Apple’s prolific desktop OS that certainly isn’t invulnerable to hacking threat. Here are a few available options to ensure the security of your data on it.


Mac users should go with Concealer encryption software. It is a fantastic encryption tool, but the only problem that we struggled to overlook was the omission of bulk encryption option. As a result, you have to manually select files that you want to be encrypted. Once you know which of your files need to be hidden, just select them and put them in Concealer software. The encryption process will begin and it will take a few seconds to encrypt the data. Once the process is complete, you can rest easy because all of your information is now safe.


If Concealer doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe you should give VeraCrypt a shot. It’s available for free and allows you to encrypt any file you want to protect from snoops. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of manually encrypting each file, then there’s a feature that enables you to encrypt the whole hard drive. Encrypting the hard disk is surely going to take some time, but all of your data will be safe, so it’s worth it.


FileVault encryption software is another remarkable tool that does its job quite well. If both of the aforementioned solutions don’t do the trick for you, then you can give this one a shot. Everything that you encrypt using this tool will gain protection against federal snoops and cyber criminals.

Best Encryption Software for Android

If you’re an Android user, then you’d be glad to know that there are plenty of encryption apps available for the platform as well.

SSE Universal Encryption App

SSE for Android has been around for quite a while and it has managed to survive this long because of its amazing features. It can secure all forms of files, can make your lost password retrievable, helps you to share files without having to expose any sensitive information and a whole lot more. It’s a great tool for Android users if they are looking to enhance their security measures.

Signal for Android

Best Encryption For Mac And Pc

If you are less worried about your data and are more concerned with communication’s privacy, then you should seek help from Signal app. It’s pretty secure and will encrypt each and everything done through the platform.

Crypt4All Lite

If both of the aforementioned apps don’t do the trick for you, then you can opt for Crypt4All Lite. This app can be used to encrypt all your personal information and sensitive data so that it stays hidden from the prying eyes. It works well and is quite user-friendly which means that you can get used to it in no time.

Best Encryption Software for iOS

Looking to secure your data on an iOS device, specifically an iPhone? Don’t worry, there are quite a few options available to cater to your needs.

Signal for iPhone

Things have started to heat up between FBI and Apple, so it’s better to be prepared for the worst case scenario. You will definitely need encryption software if FBI wins, and the best tool for such circumstances is Signal. Edward Snowden loves this app and you will too once you get your hands on it. It encrypts all the data that is sent or received through this software, hence providing safe passage for it. More importantly, it keeps your conversations encrypted as well. So any communication you do through the Signal app will be safe from the FBI or any other party keeping tabs on your mobile activities.


Mac Os File Encryption

Silent Phone

Encryption For Mac And Pc

Silent Phone is another great option for keeping your data encrypted. It offers secure file transfer, calling, video calling, voicemail, and conference calls. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t encrypt your instant messages. So, if you rely on calls only, then Silent Phone is your best bet because of its call related security algorithms, and easy to understand user interface.

File Encryption On Mac


If you are strictly into messaging and want your conversations to be extremely secure, then we’d suggest going with Confide. This app is downright fantastic. It comes with end to end encryption for all of your messages, hence preventing all sorts of attacks. That’s not all though as this app also features ephemeral messages, which disappear as soon as they are read by the intended individual. These messages can’t be saved, forwarded, and no one can even take a screenshot of them. So if you’re looking for messaging security, your best bet is Confide.

Encryption Software Mac

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